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The  Center of Audiovisual Production  (ex Audiovisual Laboratory) of Philosophy, Communication and Entertainment Department is a Laboratory whose primary objective is the realization of documentaries, in particular of socio-anthropological, historical-artistic, scientific, of history and critic theater, cinema and media, of institutional communication and territorial politics.

The activity of video production, makes use of the Department professors' scientific knowledge; of the technical/ realization knowledge of the staff and takes place in a fruitful relationship of collaboration with the outside, thanks to the contribution of professionals and young researchers and developers.

The audiovisuals production is considered by the Department as a privileged place for interdisciplinary meeting, with al lot of cultural and social values.

The technicians of the laboratory have extensive knowledge about directing, audio-video recording and organization of audiovisual productions in the field of fiction, documentary, institutional, video and advertising. This knowledge is made available both in external collaborations (third parties) of the Laboratory, and as know-how in the daily relationship with researchers and students who turn to the structure.

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The CPA was born with the name "Audiovisual Laboratory" of the Communication and Entertainment Department in 1997. It was consisted first with a Sony Edit Station, then two Avid Xpress. Originally its purpose was mainly educational. The filming work was excluded and the editing work was limited to a few videos.

With the transition to the new millennium, the "Audiovisual Laboratory" is progressively transformed into a center for the production and realization of video documentaries and short films made by students. Shooting equipment is purchased, from Hi8 camcorders to DVCam via Beta SP. The equipment included light departments, trestles, sound, etc.

In 2006/2007 the Laboratory changed direction and opened up outside to collaboration with professionist and not only just in support of university teaching. It makes use of a significant economic investment by the University, that allows the purchase of new equipment: 5 Final Cut Pro assembly stations, 1 Avid Composer, 1 ProTools, 4 high-definition video cameras, new and expanded lighting, sound and audio on HD, etc.

In 2007 with the transfer of the Di.Co.Spe headquarters from the Argiletum in via Madonna dei Monti to the building of Ex Tommaseo school in via Ostiense 139, the Laboratory combines quality and quantity of its equipment with adequated spaces (including a sound assembly room with speaker cabin and a room with green screen), functionally restructured for its activity of realization and post-production of video.

In 2014 the Laboratory changed its name and officially became "Audiovisual Production Center", a research and production structure that was administratively dependent on the Department of Philosophy, Communication and Entertainment.

In 2017 the Laboratory avails of a new funding from the University which allows it to create a new professional AVID ProTools sound editing room, a Color Correction Tangent station, a 4K machine park with related stabilization tools, a new series of optics Samyang cinema, five new Mac hardware stations for video editing, new and expanded light, sound and audio park.

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